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Mill Valley Historical Society Annual Meeting

Fred Runner, the President and Board Chair of Friends of No. 9, gave a presentation at the Mill Valley Historical Society’s annual meeting, which was held on October 24 at the Mill Valley Community Center.

Fred spoke about the history of No. 9, how it was acquired, and plans for its restoration and display. The meeting was attended by over 150 members of the Historical Society, who heard stories about some of the workers on the Mount Tamalpais Scenic Railway, learned about No. 9’s working life on the Scenic Railway and in the logging industry after it was sold, and saw a video of No. 9 making its way back to the Bay Area on the back of a flatbed trailer. Fred’s talk concluded with thoughts about where the engine might find a permanent home, and a request for the audience’s assistance in making the dream of getting No. 9 back home a reality.

The Mill Valley Historical Society has been an early and enthusiastic supporter of the efforts to bring No. 9 back to Mt. Tam. Friends of No. 9 thanks MVHS, and greatly appreciates the opportunity to speak to its members about this project.


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