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California Wildfires

The last week has been difficult in Northern California, and especially in Sonoma County. We have received many inquiries about No. 9, which is currently in storage in Sonoma County. We are happy to report that No. 9 is safe and in no immediate danger.

Wildfire has always been an issue in this area. In 1913 a fire threatened Muir Woods, and more than 90 years ago, in July, 1929, a large wildfire burned the Mount Tamalpais Scenic Railway. Although the Railway was quickly rebuilt, it never really recovered. The last passenger train on Mount Tamalpais ran on October 31, 1929, and the rails were torn up for scrap in the summer of 1930.

Our thoughts go out to all who have been evacuated, left without electricity, or lost their homes this fire season.


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