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Mill Valley Historical Society’s Review: Article About No. 9

The Spring edition of the Mill Valley Historical Society’s Review has an extensive article about Engine No. 9 by our President, Fred Runner. The article traces the history of the locomotive from the time it was ordered from the Heisler Locomotive Works in Erie, Pennsylvania, through its tenure on the Mt. Tamalpais and Muir Woods Railway, and beyond to its employment in the logging companies of Northern California and its eventual retirement to Scotia, CA. It also covers the activities of Friends of No. 9 to purchase the engine and bring it back to Mill Valley.

Friends of No. 9 has worked hand in hand with the Mill Valley Historical Society in all of our work to purchase, restore and find an ultimate home for Engine No. 9. Many thanks to the Historical Society for including this article in its magazine, and for all of its support.

The online version of the Mill Valley Historical Society Review’s Spring edition is available here.

The cover of the Mill Valley Historical Society’s Review magazine shows Joe Marshall (on the left) in front of one of the Scenic Railway’s locomotives. Joe was the Scenic Railway’s Master Mechanic when No. 9 worked on Mt. Tamalpais.


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