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Model of No. 9 in Depot Plaza and Please Sign Our Petition

Eric Macris, President of the Mill Valley Historical Society and Friends of No. 9 Board member, speaking in front of the model of No. 9.

On October 10, Friends of No. 9 and the Mill Valley Historical Society joined for a celebration of our art project. The project put a full sized model of Engine No. 9 on Depot Plaza in downtown Mill Valley, complete with a working steam whistle and bell. The model was painted by more than 50 Mill Valley kids, who got to learn to about the railroading history of the city and Mt. Tam while having a ton of fun! We had a great turnout at this event, and we hope that we were able to give community members an idea of what the engine would look like if it were to find a permanent home downtown. The model will stay on the Plaza for about another week, so please come down and take a look.

If you support the idea of expanding Depot Plaza and putting No. 9 downtown, you can sign our petition on

And please spread the word!

Blowing the steam whistle.

Fred Runner, President of Friends of No. 9

Friends of No. 9 and the Mill Valley Historical Society would like to extend our gratitude to the Mill Valley Lumber Yard, Grilly's, the Mill Valley Department of Public Works, the Mill Valley Arts Commission and the Department of Arts & Recreation, Paul Moe and the team who built the model, the kids who helped paint the model and their parents, and the numerous individuals who provided financial support to make this event possible.


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