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Model of No. 9 Moves to Mill Valley Community Center

Our full sized model of Engine No. 9, hand painted by Mill Valley kids, has been moved from Depot Plaza to the Mill Valley Community Center (180 Camino Alto). The Community Center has generously agreed to host the model for the next several weeks. On a rainy Thursday, a crew of volunteers broke the model down into its component parts, moved them to the Community Center, and reassembled the model, all in one day.

Many thanks to the Mill Valley Departments of Public Works and Arts and Recreation, the volunteers who worked very hard to make this happen, and to Paul Moe for all of his time and dedication to this project. Thanks, too, to everyone who has provided financial support.

Model of No. 9 after it was reassembled at the Community Center.

While we are delighted to be able to show the model of No. 9 at the Community Center, we would love to have a home for the actual engine in an expanded Depot Plaza. If you support the idea of expanding Depot Plaza and permanently displaying No. 9 downtown, you can sign our petition on

And please encourage others to sign, too!

Here are some photos of the move:


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