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Progress on the Tender

Restoration work on No. 9’s tender has been moving quickly. The corroded metal is being repaired, and four 5-gallon buckets of rust debris were removed from the tender. In the sand box, a part of the tender that held sand to be used for traction on the steep slopes of Mt. Tam, Jeff Millerick painstakingly removed decades of decay off of the internal pieces of the equipment. The tender has now been media blasted, and more detailed restoration work is underway.

Inside No. 9’s sander. Surrounding metal skin will be replaced. Note light showing through crack at left.

Jeff Millerick removing decades of rust from No. 9’s rear sander.

Cleaned sander after “blasting”. Outer skin removed.

Top of tender was removed to make it easier to work on the interior.

Top of tender after “blasting.”

Primer being applied to top of tender.

Sand blasted tender ready for further restoration work.

No. 9’s tender one year ago, the same section seen above, before restoration began.


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