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Proposed Home for No. 9

The City of Mill Valley and Friends of No. 9 have announced a proposal to place Engine No. 9 in front of Mill Valley’s City Hall, across from Sweetwater. The site is steps away from the old route of the Mt. Tamalpais Scenic Railway, which used to run behind the Masonic Hall and through the parking lot of what is now Illumigarden, past the Railway’s work shop in Miller Grove.

Friends of No. 9 has sought a location for the restored locomotive since the engine was acquired in 2018. Our goals have been to find a site that is on or near the path of the Scenic Railway, so as to provide historical context for the display; that is readily accessible to the public; and that provides adequate protection to this unique historical treasure. We are thrilled that the proposed City Hall location meets all of these goals.

The proposal calls for a five year agreement to display the engine at City Hall. Friends of No. 9 will cover the costs of installing the locomotive display, as well as maintenance and insurance. The City Council will consider the recommendation and agreement for the location of Engine No. 9 at an upcoming Council meeting in June. The City’s announcement can be found here.

Fred Runner, President of Friends of No. 9, commented “We’re delighted to have the interest and support of Mayor Wickham and Vice Mayor Carmel in this project: bringing restored engine No. 9 home to Mill Valley, the first place it worked. The engine is an incomparable piece of Mill Valley’s history and a proud piece of the town’s unique heritage.”

We look forward to collaborating with the City of Mill Valley on this exciting and historic project.


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